Adjust the Humidity in your Home, Business, Medical Facility, Hospital, School, Commercial Aircraft, Entertainment Venue, Or Voting Location to a recommended (Relative Humidity) RH of 50%.

  • Humidity should be maintained in all indoor facilities to a standard Minimum of 45% and a Maximum of 55% (RH) Relative Humidity in any room occupied by human beings or animals where possible viral transmission could occur.

  • (RH) Relative Humidity of 50% is the optimal comfortable setting to diminish viral transmission by up to 90% for human beings.

  • 50% (RH) Relative Humidity decreases the distance that the virus can travel by up to 90% in the enclosed room air, during normal breathing respiration by preventing the exhaled breath droplets evaporating moisture, and the increased resistance to their movement in the more dense air, causing them to fall to the ground due to normal gravity, within 1 meter / 3.28 feet from the point of exhale.

  • Caution: The virus is still highly contagious in droplets which have fallen to the ground or surfaces in front of the point of exhale. They must still be removed from surfaces using Light or Liquid Sanitation methods. However, the risk of airborne transmission from human to human through conversation, or other community activities, is mitigated by up to 90%.

  • 50% (RH) Relative Humidity must be used in conjunction with the “Air Flow Control” Protocol. Failure to implement the Air Flow Control Protocol will render the Humidity Protocol of 50% ineffective, as any downward airflow on the individuals will prevent the exhaled breath droplets from quickly falling to the ground due to gravity, from their weight and causing them to be artificially propelled towards other human beings or animals, causing further infection.

  • NOTE: This does not remove the need of a mask, however, it mitigates the risk at times when masks are not possible at times like eating food or drinking.