FAQs PPE – Gloves – Medical Examination – Non-sterile

FAQs PPE List – Gloves – Medical Examination – Non-sterile

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Gloves, medical examination (non-sterile)

 Europe (EN 455)US (ASTM material specific)
 EN 455-1, EN 455-2, EN 455-3, EN 455-4D6319, D3578, D5250, D6977
Freedom from holesAQL < 1.5 (ISO 2859)AQL < 2.5 (ISO 2859)
Force at break (N) / Tensile strength (MPa) (after aging)AQL – N/A Nitrile >6.0N Latex (natural) >6.0N Polyisoprene >6.0N Polychloroprene> 6.0N PVC, PE > 3.6N  AQL < 4.0 (ISO 2859) Nitrile >14MPa Latex (natural) >14MPa Polychloroprene >14MPa PVC >11MPa
Powder residue content<2.0mg<2.0mg
Aqueous soluble protein content<10 μg per g of glove<200 µg/dm2  
Extractable antigenic protein content<10 µg/dm2