“The 10 To Open Again” Approach

“The 10 To Open Again” is the Long Term Targeted Approach, To Replace The Short Term Sledgehammer Approach In Reopening The World.

This Approach Adds 2 New Protocols That Alter The COVID Airborne Equation To Make it Manageable & Reduces Distance.

These Protocols Can Be Successfully Applied To Any Home, Business, Medical Facility, Hospital, School, Commercial Aircraft, Entertainment Venue, Or Voting Location In The world.

Challenges In The New Normal

  • The greatest threat with this current pandemic is the ease of transmission through the air.
  • The approach has been to date, to block your face with a face mask and face shield, combined with reducing all human interaction to no closer than a 6-foot / 2-meter bubble.
  • Which sounds great if you are scientist in a controlled laboratory.
  • Throw in human behavior, human nature, and the fact that very few businesses in the world, if any, have the available space to maintain a 6-foot / 2-meter bubble, around every customer and every employee.
  • Creating a bubble around every person, while still producing enough revenue to pay their employees or their own bills to stay in business.

Through this new measured approach to reopening all businesses, we will rely on using a combination of risk mitigation tools at the same time. No shortcuts, or partial approaches with expectations of the same results. These tools are common enough for everyone to acquire them and required equipment is priced reasonably enough for individuals and businesses to afford, while simple enough for most to deploy without professional assistance.

The 10 To Open Again

In the current state of the world. A vaccine could become available in 6-12 months, then it could be another 2-4 years before all 7.8 billion people in the world even receive their first dose of the COVID 19 vaccine, but in the meantime, the sledgehammer approach of shutting down all businesses or reducing them to 0%, 25%, or 75% of capacity/revenue, worked where properly applied, initially, for a short window of time, but will not work for the next 2-4 years, while we wait for everyone in the world to receive the vaccine. Shutting business down each time a hot spot shows up, then reopening, then closing again, creates chaos and economic uncertainty and destroys businesses, lives, and families. The time for a modified and realistic approach, is at hand. That will allow businesses to open at 100% or near 100%, with no more winners and losers with “phases” and provide a maximum risk mitigation strategy in relation to this current crisis.

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